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About this Manual
Important Safety Instructions
This document contains important instructions and warnings that must be followed when using the Corded Mobile
WARNING: Read all the instructions before using this product. Failure to do so or to follow any of the
instructions or warnings in this document can result in fire, electical shock, serious injury or death.
WARNING: This device should be supervised when used around children.
WARNING: Use the Corded Mobile Connector only within the specified operating parameters.
WARNING: The Corded Mobile Connector is designed only for charging a Tesla vehicle (excluding a Tesla
Roadster). Do not use it for any other purpose or with any other vehicle or object. The Corded Mobile
Connector is intended only for vehicles that do not require ventilation during charging.
WARNING: Stop using and do not use the Corded Mobile Connector if it is defective, appears cracked, frayed,
broken, or otherwise damaged, or fails to operate.
WARNING: Do not attempt to disassemble, repair, tamper with, or modify the Corded Mobile Connector. The
Corded Mobile Connector is not user serviceable. Contact Tesla for any repairs or modification.
WARNING: Do not use an extension cord, power strip, multi-outlet adapter, multi-plugs, or conversion plugs to
plug-in the Corded Mobile Connector.
WARNING: Do not disconnect the Corded Mobile Connector from the wall outlet while the vehicle is charging.
WARNING: Do not use private power generators as a power source for charging.
WARNING: Do not plug the Corded Mobile Connector into a damaged, loose or worn power outlet. Ensure the
Corded Mobile Connector's wall plug's prongs fit snugly into the outlet.
WARNING: Do not connect the Corded Mobile Connector into a wall outlet that is not properly grounded.
WARNING: Do not touch the Corded Mobile Connector’s end terminals with fingers or sharp metallic objects,
such as wire, tools, or needles.
WARNING: Do not forcefully fold or apply pressure to any part of the Corded Mobile Connector or damage it
with sharp objects.
WARNING: Do not insert foreign objects into any part of the Corded Mobile Connector.
WARNING: Use of the Corded Mobile Connector may aect or impair the operation of any medical or
implantable electronic devices, such as an implantable cardiac pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter
defibrillator. Check with your electronic device manufacturer concerning the eects that charging may have on
such electronic devices before using the Corded Mobile Connector.
Do not use private power generators as a power source for charging.
Incorrect installation and testing of the Corded Mobile Connector could potentially damage either
the vehicle’s Battery and/or the Corded Mobile Connector itself. Any resulting damage is excluded from the
New Vehicle Limited Warranty and the Charging Equipment Limited Warranty.
Do not operate the Corded Mobile Connector in temperatures outside its operating range of -30°C
to +50°C.
If possible, use a dedicated receptacle with a single socket. If the receptacle has two sockets, do not
plug any other items into the other socket.
Safety Information
3Safety Information
NOTE: Ensure that the Corded Mobile Connector’s charging cable is positioned so it will not be stepped on, driven
over, tripped on, or subjected to damage or stress.
NOTE: Do not use cleaning solvents to clean any of the Corded Mobile Connector’s components. The outside of
the Corded Mobile Connector, the charging cable, and the connector end of the charging cable should be
periodically wiped with a clean, dry cloth to remove accumulation of dirt and dust.
Safety Information
Mobile Connector Component Overview
Wall plug
Status lights
Corded Mobile Connector controller
5. Button on handle
The Corded Mobile Connector is 6 meters long. Use an existing outlet or install a new outlet within approximately
4 meters of the vehicle's charge port and at least 45 cm above the ground. The charge port is located on the left
side of the vehicle, behind a door that is near the rear tail light assembly.
Do not use an extension cord, a multi-outlet adapter, a multi-plug, a conversion plug, or a power
strip to plug in the Corded Mobile Connector.
General Information
5General Information
Specifications Reference
Description Specifications
3-phase, 230/400 VAC supply, 50 Hz
Maximum Current Output
Cable Length 6 m
Corded Mobile Connector Controller Dimensions Height: 179.8 mm
Width: 81.7 mm
Depth: 47.3 mm
Weight 2.4 kg
Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C
Enclosure Type IP 55 (indoor and outdoor use)
Ventilation Not Required
Charging Time
Charging times vary based on the voltage and current available from the power outlet, subject to various
conditions. Charge time also depends on ambient temperature and the vehicle’s Battery temperature. If the Battery
is not within the optimal temperature range for charging, the vehicle heats or cools the Battery before or during
To estimate the total time it takes to recharge the Battery in hours (from near zero percent to near one hundred
percent), divide the battery size (kWh) by power (kW). Dierent adapters provide dierent current and power
While you are charging your vehicle, you can also touch the Charging icon to review the charging status
information; it displays the time remaining until fully charged at the currently selected charge level.
For more information on how long it takes to charge your Tesla vehicle, go to
General Information
Plugging In
1. Plug the Corded Mobile Connector into the power outlet. The adapter should be inserted completely into the
power outlet.
With your vehicle unlocked, press the button on the top of the Corded Mobile Connector handle. The charge port
door opens.
NOTE: Your vehicle is unlocked when the key is nearby and automatic unlocking is enabled. You can also open the
charge port door using any of these methods:
If equipped with a motorized charge port door, press the charge port door when the vehicle is unlocked or a
recognized key is nearby.
Hold down the rear trunk button on the key fob for 1-2 seconds.
Use the touchscreen to open the Charging menu, and then touch Open Charge Port.
Use the Tesla mobile app.
Plug the Corded Mobile Connector handle into your vehicle's charge port.
When you plug the Corded Mobile Connector into your vehicle, the charge port indicator light pulses green
during charging, and the vehicle displays charging information. The display turns o after you close all doors, and
the charge port indicator light stops pulsing shortly after you lock the vehicle.
When charging is complete, the light stops pulsing and turns solid green.
With the vehicle unlocked, press and hold the button on the Corded Mobile Connector handle, wait for the charge
port indicator light to turn white, and then pull the Corded Mobile Connector out of the charge port.
NOTE: To prevent unauthorized unplugging, the vehicle must be unlocked or able to recognize a key nearby
before you can disconnect the Corded Mobile Connector handle.
NOTE: When the latch in the charge port retracts, the Corded Mobile Connector stops supplying power and you
can safely unplug it from the vehicle.
The charge port door automatically closes after you remove the charge cable.
NOTE: If your vehicle is not equipped with a motorized charge port door, you may need to push the charge port
door closed.
Tesla recommends leaving the Corded Mobile Connector plugged into the wall outlet to reduce wear and tear
from day-to-day use. If you do not plan to use the Corded Mobile Connector for a while (such as when you leave
for vacation), unplug it, and store it in an appropriate location.
How to Charge
7How to Charge
For More Information
For more detailed information on how to charge your vehicle (adjust charge settings, view charging status, etc.),
refer to the charging section in your vehicle's Owner's Manual.
How to Charge